Haines Watts is for... the NEXT Generation!

At Haines Watts we are very passionate about our communities and inspiring the next generation, that’s why we recently announced our National Sponsorship of the Reach Next Generation Summit.

The first ever summit took place on the 26th June at DLD College in London but was also broadcast live over YouTube.

This pioneering event was the brainchild of Sky Sports Anchor and Reach Founder Sarah Stirk and was aimed at young girls aged 11-14. It was a great success with high-achieving women such as Stephanie Boyce, president of the Law Society, Alison Edgar MBE, Best-selling Author and Wanita Bardouille, Creative Services Director at Ralph Lauren, taking centre stage to pass on their advice and experience to an eager crowd.

The purpose of the event was to advise, inform and empower those attending or watching so that they can help their friends and classmates who may encounter difficulties as they navigate through their teen years. The speakers covered a great variety of topics from music to nutrition and social media to breast cancer which really showcased the diversity of thought and breadth of experience from the speakers.

More events will hopefully take place around the country and the aim is to enable young people to handle societal pressures around what they say, what they do, and what they look like. The summits also focus on crucial issues around diversity and inclusion.

Podcast series on Spotify

Grace Jeffries, an 11 year old student helped co-host the event with Sarah and has also been interviewing successful women leaders for her Reach Next Generation podcast series which can be found on Spotify.