Haines Watts is delighted to announce its sponsorship of The Pitch, in support of promising young entrepreneurs from up and down the UK. The Pitch was launched in Bristol in 2008 and has steadily grown into one of the UK’s biggest startup events, supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs and small businesses, helping them to succeed. The free to enter competition offers startups a unique opportunity to showcase their pitches in front of established business leaders.

Each year, businesses are invited to apply to The Pitch, and applicants are set to be whittled down to the top 60 entries after applications close. These applicants will then take part in regional finals during September, which are due to be held in Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, and London.

The finalists then take part in an online workshop before competing in a live event, where they have 90 seconds to pitch themselves to investors and experts. The top 10 finalists get the chance to battle for the top spot, giving a three-minute pitch to secure the title of champion. 

The Pitch Final is scheduled for October 2022 with the winner receiving a £5,000 grant, a mentoring package, and the opportunity to be introduced to top industry investors along the way.

Haines Watts sponsorship will see partners from offices up and down the country offer support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs as they embark on their journey to develop their budding business plans and achieve their future goals.

Throughout the sponsorship, the team at Haines Watts will offer exclusive access to trusted advice to The Pitch community, focusing on accountancy that looks above and beyond the numbers to the bigger picture. Haines Watts will work with The Pitch to offer bourgeoning entrepreneurs credible, established advice.


Gary Staunton, partner at Haines Watts said: “The opportunity to sponsor The Pitch was one we couldn’t pass on. At Haines Watts we champion people who are just starting out, and believe in giving them every opportunity to succeed along the way, something The Pitch does fantastically. Our teams will be giving expert advice to the finalists, offering them a chance to expand their networks with leading entrepreneurs. I’d absolutely encourage any aspiring business owners to apply to The Pitch.”



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The interview includes Anoop Rehal, who's a partner at Haines Watts, and Laura Pomfret, co-founder of Financielle and The Pitch 2021 finalist. Haines Watts is dedicated to helping businesses overcome their challenges, realise their ambitions and create an impact.

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