Look beyond the numbers

Traditionally accountancy has been all about numbers and commercial considerations; but not here at Haines Watts.

Our client’s problems become our problems, they’re never just a number to us – we really care about the success of the businesses we work with and as a lot of our regional partners are business owners themselves, they can really empathise and advise on a peer level.

We really strive to build lasting, valued relationships and to make a tangible and meaningful impact. It is our clients’ success that drives us and we are proactively committed to helping our clients and colleagues achieve their business and life goals in a passionate and authentic way, as these are the key traits that underpin everything we do.

At the heart of our firm is our colleagues, which is why team engagement has become more important than ever before. We have achieved 1-Star recognition from Best Companies for this and we are also one of the Top 10 best accountancy firms to work for in the UK, investing heavily in colleague wellbeing and mindfulness. As the face of the workplace has shifted since the pandemic, we have adapted and challenged what the working environment looks like for our teams, creating an environment fit for the future.

We're committed to improving diversity and inclusion, not just in terms of background but also in terms of diversity of thought and skills. We are curious about how we can help shape the future of accountancy and advisory for the next generation which is why we decided to become a National Sponsor of the Reach Next Generation Summit, aligning our values with action.

The Haines Watts Way

Our collective aspirations are simple:



Living your values as a leader in your business

The idea of a business sharing core values has become widely accepted in recent years as organisations seek to align their employees around a sense of purpose and community. Many businesses will list their values publicly as a way to showcase their unique culture and attract staff and customers, but putting these values into practice goes beyond just choosing some nice-sounding words.

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We're here for the long haul. Whatever challenges you face from starting up, right through to exit strategies and everything in between. Our national presence gives us a broad overview, and you, access to many different specialist services