Tax Investigations & Disputes

Tax investigations can be intimidating and are often avoidable. To help protect yourself, it’s best to seek expert advice as soon as possible.

For anyone, the knowledge that you are facing a tax investigation is frightening. Accepting and facing an investigation head-on is the best way to deal with the situation. It’s worth taking specialist tax investigation advice on how to respond to requests from HMRC for information and documentation.

We can help with tax investigations as follows:

  • Preparing and presenting information in correct formats
  • Communicating with HMRC
  • Attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf
  • Negotiating on settlements, interest, and penalties
  • Maximising payment terms on behalf of our clients

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Income tax investigations

Income Tax Investigations or Compliance Checks are conducted on individuals and partnerships.

We take control and manage the process to minimise the interruptions that any form of tax investigation causes to an individual's life or business life. 

Tax investigation services

PAYE investigations

A PAYE investigation or Employer Compliance Review, is undertaken by HMRC to ensure that employers are meeting all of their payroll, National Insurance (NIC), and Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) obligations.

Many areas of PAYE investigations are complex. Our PAYE specialists will negotiate any additional tax liabilities proposed by HMRC, with a view to minimising the financial liabilities as far as possible.

Offshore income and assets

Holding offshore income and assets can be complex. Making an offshore disclosure may be an option to ensure you set any previous errors right.

Tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs) have been signed between a number of British Overseas Territories to enable HMRC to ensure correct tax is being paid on offshore assets.

UK taxpayers may be able to declare offshore assets or income under the terms of the Worldwide Disclosure Facility. We can often help negotiate significant reductions in penalties if a voluntary disclosure is made. 

VAT investigations

Businesses facing a VAT investigation can face having to pay considerable penalties if fraud is detected.

We provide specialist advice and assistance throughout VAT investigations and appeals. We can help to assess if an investigation is justified, and help you to minimise the VAT penalties involved.

Take it seriously

All enquiries by HMRC should be taken seriously and involvement of a specialist early on can be crucial. Time spent at the beginning will be time well spent to ensure that the investigation starts off and continues on the right track. Tax investigations and dealing with HMRC can be extremely stressful, time consuming and disruptive. Our Tax Investigations Team aims to provide you with specialist advice to minimise the stress and anxiety that an HMRC investigation may cause. We'll aim to resolve the tax investigation as fast as possible whilst minimising your tax exposure. 

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