Whether you need a statutory audit or you choose to have an audit for other business reasons, you’ll wind up with a far better understanding of your business.

Our auditors review your financial operations, make suggestions about improvements and best practice, and help management in identifying and controlling business risks.

We have a passion for delivering quality and timely audit and accounts services to business owners and they have a personal and hands-on approach, putting our clients first every time.

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How an audit can add real value to a business

You might hear auditing described as ‘a necessary evil’ or that businesses ‘just have an audit because they have to’, or even that it is a needless overhead - but audits can add real value as Jonathan Moughton, a Partner at Haines Watts explains.

Auditing & assurance services

Non statutory audits

Many businesses don’t need to  legally have an audit but many still choose to have one.  

Audits can help to keep banks happy when you need  finance, keep credit insurers and suppliers happy and ensure you get the best price when you come to sell.

But most of all, it can give you the comfort of knowing you have strong controls and accurate results.

Statutory audits

If you have to have a statutory audit, it’s no less valuable because it’s been forced upon you by law. You’ll end up with a wealth of information that can be used to fine tune your business and boost your profits to the max.

Our audit team & approach

The efficiency and effectiveness of our auditors is based upon a practical, flexible and pragmatic approach to working with our clients.

Central to our audit approach is clear communication as to audit requirements and discussion on any issues that arise as they are identified. This ensures a ‘No Surprises’ approach and the timely resolution of reporting matters.

We will also ensure that we advise you of developments in accounting and audit standards at the earliest opportunity, in order that their impact on your business can be assessed and discussed.

Why choose our audit & accounts services?

Our audits must also adhere to all professional standards issued by the Auditing Standards Board, the Financial Reporting Council and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Our auditors perform auditing and financial analysis with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency and accuracy.

We proactively deal with issues that are fundamentally important to the prosperity and growth of your organisation. This is beneficial to all companies, including those looking to sell, grow their business, seeking finance, and not for profit organisations.

Government shake-up of the audit sector

The Government shake-up is perfect time to demonstrate true commercial value of audits. Business owners should open up to the opportunity of seeing the true value in their audit, making it their favourite time of the year, says Kevin Hodgetts, partner and audit specialist.

How we supported Turbo Power Systems

When Turbo Power Systems came to review its auditor, there was a need for a firm that would take the time to understand its needs and ambitions.

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