Haines Watts

Time to think & act locally

For business owners, the recent Budget was a bit of a non-event. Aside from a touch of R&D stimulus, there was little to excite the average UK SME owner.

And while VAT and pensions remained reassuringly untouched, we all know that we can only see so far into the future when it comes to economic growth, thanks to Brexit.

At least if we fly a short distance – to Europe, say – we won’t find the passenger duty has increased.

Joking aside, the most exciting thing that happened in Budget week was that the Mayor of Manchester has invited business owners to join a Business Advisory Panel.

Thinking big for your local region

Why is this an exciting prospect? Because it’s a chance for people living and working in your community to genuinely feed into its future development.

Manchester is a great place to do business. I know this because I both work with SME owners, and run my own small business. We all want to make sure Manchester continues to grow as the UK’s Northern Powerhouse and be a force for change.

Personal contribution

And, while it’s important to keep a watchful an eye on national announcements – like the Budget –and assess how they will impact on your company and your local economy, it’s also vital that business owners get involved in their local political scene.

So my call to action is this: make your voice heard at home – get involved and instigate some real change for the better.


What local issues would you raise with such a business advisory panel?