Haines Watts

Is now the time to change your leadership style?

It’s good to think differently to everyone else. It’s only by having a different attitude that you’ll stand out from the crowd. No one wants a ‘me too’ product. We all strive to have a product that’s different from that of our competitors – we know that differentiation is necessary to be successful in sales. But often attempts at differentiation go no further than external image.

Many businesses are finding that sales are good, but attracting the right people is becoming harder. So, why don’t we apply our ability to differentiate internally as well as externally?

Is your leadership style and culture the same as the one you adopted last year? And the year before? And yet, we know that “if you always do what you always did, then you will get what you always got”. But we want to make a difference.

Maybe, instead, we should look at our business from a team member’s perspective and think about how we can differentiate between what it’s like to work for us and the experiences they would get elsewhere.

Refreshing our environment and leadership style can reinvigorate our relationship with our team. In fact, pretend you were starting your business again – we all know we would do it differently. Why not be brave and make those changes now?

Go on, be radical. Think differently about your business. It will help you lead it into the future.