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What brought you to Haines Watts?

I started my journey with Haines Watts in October 2006, originally coming from a smaller Birmingham-based firm to be closer to home. I began in a hybrid accounts/manager role and have since advanced to become a Senior Audit Manager. I thrive on pushing myself in my career, and it's been fantastic to have the support of the team here as I've transitioned through these roles and have grown on my Haines Watts journey.

What has it been like transitioning into a leadership role?

Moving up from senior to manager has definitely been a standout moment in my career. Though it's had its share of challenges. Finding the right balance in transitioning from being a core team member to leading those I've shared laughs and experiences with was a significant concern for me. I'm not a fan of micromanaging; I prefer to approach things from others' perspectives, considering how I'd want to be treated in the same situation. It keeps things interesting, as each day presents a new challenge, requiring me to adapt to the people and situations around me.

What keeps you at Haines Watts?

What anchors me and my colleagues here is the team and culture. The Tamworth office has a vibrant team environment which balances hard work with a relaxed culture. We’re all about being flexible in how we work and providing solid support for one another. I’d say I’m selling the dream a bit, but it’s not uncommon for those who leave to return, drawn back by the unique team and culture we have.

What's the progression like?

I’ve worn a few hats throughout my time at Haines Watts, and would say there aren’t really any limits here. If you're driven to achieve something, the team rallies behind you with full support. We prioritise professional growth, offering opportunities for courses like leadership training and support for obtaining accounting qualifications. There's a wealth of internal training available too, whether learning new systems or from the experience of others. Retaining exceptional talent is a cornerstone for us, and if you're ready to put in the effort and there's a business need, we're more than capable of carving out a role for the right individual.


How would you describe the team?

We might sound a bit cliché, but we're like a close-knit family here. Our office isn't massive, so we all know each other inside out and enjoy some good laughs together. The open-door policy means if anyone has something on their mind, they can swing by anytime, no need to wait for a formal appraisal.

What is the most important thing to you?

As a manager, there's nothing more rewarding than witnessing teams evolve, learn, and flourish. Currently, we're welcoming a higher influx of trainee-level talent in our Tamworth office, and observing their progress from day one and watching their professional and confidence levels soar is truly gratifying. It's undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling aspects of my role.

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