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What made you want to join Haines Watts?

I felt like I connected with the vibe and feel of Haines Watts more than some of the other companies I had interviewed with at the time. It’s not the kind of place where you’re sitting in silence, but rather, it’s got this fun buzzy atmosphere that you can feel right away. It was certainly something I felt during my interview where it was like stepping into a place where I knew I'd thrive and be part of something dynamic.

What are the team like?

The team is the heartbeat of the place. Each day brings something new, and it's all thanks to the vibrant energy they bring. It's like being part of an extended family here. We not only get along famously, but there's also this great mix of fun and banter, all while maintaining a deep respect for each other's roles. It's this perfect blend that sets the team apart, and it's a major factor in what makes Haines Watts such a standout workplace.

What is most important to you?

Above all, my family and children are my absolute priority. That's why being part of a workplace that champions flexibility is important for me. At Haines Watts, the level of flexibility is amazing. If there's a parents' evening or my kids need me, I can make it happen without any unnecessary hurdles. It's a refreshingly sensible approach; as long as I put in my hours, how and when I do it is up to me.

What are some of your highlights?

In the Tamworth office, we've got a fantastic vibe - it's all about keeping things light and enjoying life. We're big on socials and activities, and I may or may not have a reputation as the reigning bake-off champ. And, oh, they've also dubbed me the Xero queen, if you can believe it! It's all in good fun, but it adds a nice touch of personality to our office culture.

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