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How did you get into Accounting?

At university I studied business and marketing, so you could say I didn’t take the traditional university route into accounting. Before joining Haines Watts I worked in a sales role, but it was time to change. I’ve always found that I’ve enjoyed working with numbers and as time went on the idea of exploring accounting as a career stayed with me, so I thought why not give it a shot? That was what led me to apply for a role with Haines Watts, and so far I’m really enjoying being a part of the accounting world.

What made Haines Watts the place for you?

Before applying I hadn’t really heard about Haines Watts and it was through the interview process that I began to understand what it stood for and its values. These qualities really stood out when I had the pleasure of meeting the team. They were incredibly welcoming and friendly, which only fuelled my interest in the company.

This positive impression has only grown stronger from the interview to my first day. Everyone has been really welcoming and supportive. It's clear that there's a strong sense of unity and camaraderie here. I’m genuinely looking forward to being a part of this dynamic team.


What are the team like?

Loving the work I do is a top priority for me, but so is being part of a team that's all about being friendly and welcoming. We put in the effort here and truly understand the unique challenges each one of us tackles, but what's awesome is that we're always there to support each other and lend a helping hand.

What are your plans within Haines Watts?

I'm fully immersed in the tax side of things right now, and I'm absolutely loving it. Despite being a recent addition to the team, I'm already diving headfirst into my professional qualifications, pursuing the ATT CTA pathway. My goal at the moment is to ace all of my exams. Fast forward three years, and I envision myself not just progressing, but thriving in the tax area.

What is it about tax you enjoy?

I genuinely enjoy working with a diverse range of clients on the tax side. It's not just about keeping things in line, but also helping them explore additional benefits. This mix of tasks is what makes it all really interesting for me!

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