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By the side of... Aspire Technology Solutions

“Fundamentally, I have a passion for technology. Technology drives everything we do with Aspire,” says Chris Fraser, Founder and CEO of Aspire Technology Solutions.

Established in 2006, Aspire has grown into one of the North East’s leading providers of IT solutions, delivering a suite of technological services to help deliver real business benefits to clients across the North East and wider UK.

At the heart of this “it’s all about making sure customers can grow in the way they want to, and ensuring technology never gets in the way of what they want to achieve,” says Chris.


With a deep sense of mutual understanding and strongly aligned values, Haines Watts have been by the side of the award-winning Aspire throughout their period of significant growth, supporting them with their audit, tax and VAT.

“I’ve worked with Aspire for the last three years and built up a good relationship with their team - it’s been fantastic to see the journey they’ve gone through,” explains Nicola Scarr, Audit Partner at Haines Watts.

"Haines Watts is seen as a key part of the finance team, and really, an extension of our own team."

Chris Fraser

Founder and CEO

Aspire Technology Solutions

People, growth, and technology. These have been at the centre of Aspire’s journey over the past 16 years and the significance of valuing relationships with customers has been a real priority for business. Stuart Hall says, “I think Aspire differentiates itself by the way it focuses on the customer. We see the relationship with them very much as a long-term thing, looking three or five years down the line and understanding what the customers objectives are.”

As well as putting their clients at the forefront of everything they do, Aspire place great emphasis on celebrating the success of their team and maintaining a really positive culture within the business. “We want to maintain the same atmosphere that we’ve always had - the sort of family vibe where everyone is able to speak to each other, maintaining good rapport across teams,” says Stuart Hall, Finance Director at the firm.

These values very much resonate with those of Haines Watts, “Our values really align to those of Aspire, we show passion and value relationships. 

That’s both internally within our teams, and externally focused on our clients,” Nicola explains.

Throughout the relationship, both Aspire and Haines Watts have experienced huge business growth. “Our Audit team has grown massively in the past couple of years, which allows us to support clients such as Aspire who have also gone through a growth journey of their own. We’ve got exciting future plans to continue the growth in our audit team following changes to the market,” says Nicola.

The future looks just as exciting for the team at Aspire. Speaking about the last 12 months, Chris says, “Fortunately, the IT industry was quite resilient to the challenges suffered by many other businesses, but coming out of the back of that we’ve seen a lot of ambition from people. We’ve seen a lot of growth across our customer base and that’s really corresponding with a lot of growth for us and some fantastic opportunities, both within the North East and throughout the whole country.”

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