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If you are at a crossroads with your business, external advice can make it easier to decide which direction to go in. We can help with strategic planning, including business & growth planning, creating value in your business, management team advice or simply be there as a sounding board for you.

Strategic planning services

Business planning

Good business planning is key if you want your business to thrive and grow. We can help you map out the business plan you need to raise funds, improve management information, plan resources or evaluate projects.

Growth planning

Many business owners require help when growing a business, whether in business planning, improving the quality of their profits, sales growth, building a management team or help with growing pains. Our experience helping other business owners grow their businesses, could make a huge difference to the rate and growth of your business.

Management team advice

If you are planning a management buy-in or management buy-out, we can give you all the advice you need. We get a real buzz out of advising on valuation, raising finance and negotiations. Take a look at the teams we’ve already helped.

Buying a business

Buying a business can help you boost your company profit, expand geographically, or add new customers and products. See some of the deals we’ve done.

Value creation

Value Creation is about identifying areas in your business where value can be unlocked. It will help you maximise the quality of your profits and increase the value of your business. It’s an approach that works equally well whether you are looking to improve your business value for exit or if your objective is to improve profitability by building and running a great business.

Business owner support

Being a business owner is often a lonely place to be. Having advisors that can act as a sounding board to discuss your worries, plans, or business challenges can be a huge help. All of our partners are business owners themselves, so can not only offer you their financial experience but also their commercial experience as well.

Do you want help with strategic planning and growing your business?  If so, contact us or find your local Haines Watts office.

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