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I’m so busy working in my business, that I don’t have the time to work on it

Are you thinking...?

  1. "I can see a lot of activity in the business but I worry that we're not making progress."
  2. "I should be delighted my business is growing, orders are coming in thick and fast but I have to work around the clock just to ensure we meet our current obligations and keep our customers happy. I don't have time to think about the future as I'm consumed by the day to day."
  3. "We are so focused on this month's P&L that we don't have the opportunity to look ahead and do the planning we know we should be doing."

The issue

As your business grows your time becomes divided between the things you need to do just to keep the business going and those you should be doing to keep the business growing.

If you’ve become so busy that you can’t focus on the latter, and instead spend all you time delivering – you’re simply treading water. What happens if the water level continues to rise? Before too long, the business could be out of control and at risk of failure.

There is an important distinction between performance and progress. A business can go on producing short term performance measured in sales growth and profit improvement but a failure to develop the capability will lead to stagnation and decline – it will impede your progress.

You need to allocate time and energy to strategic priorities and big goals.

What you can do

  • Start really thinking about your work. Focus on the areas in which you add the most value.
  • Challenge the way you operate – do you really need to be involved in everything?
  • Critically review your systems and processes so they are fit for the future and not because you’ve always done it a certain way

How we can help

  • We’ll work with you to put in place systems and processes that reduce complexity
  • We’ll help you assess where you aren’t making best use of the people in your business
  • We’ll work with you to gradually make the business less dependent on you day-to-day
  • We’ll help you focus on working on your business more and in your business a little less – giving you greater purpose and a better working environment


For outcomes to change behaviour has to change and for behaviour to change belief has to change. Read more about how to improve and grow your business here.

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