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In the past 2 years our experts have helped to identify over £90m of R&D qualifying expenditure. We can help you!

Find out more about our R&D tax experts

Our R&D tax team

The Haines Watts R&D tax team are a group of personable, plain-speaking professionals who translate intricate tax legislation into easy to understand language.

Not only that, Haines Watts combine R&D tax expertise alongside our extensive experience of owner managed businesses to maximise R&D claims. 

We know more about how other business and tax matters interrelate with R and D tax credits claims.  For example, the business structure and remuneration of key directors can have a significant impact on the level of qualifying expenditure so you need an advisor who can look at the wider picture.

Specialist R&D tax consultancies may not have this experience and only go so far in terms of understanding your business needs and building long-term relationships.

Claiming R and D tax credits

By using us, you are minimising the risk of under-claiming or over-claiming. When it comes to making your R&D claim, our expert knowledge ensures that we maximise the relief available to you.

Our extensive experience in claiming R&D tax credits in numerous industries has helped to identify over £90m of R&D qualifying expenditure in the past two years. Altogether, the total amount of tax we’ve saved for companies overcoming technological and scientific uncertainties stands at £21m.

We also have a 100% record in claiming R&D tax credits.

How to claim R&D tax credits

If you want to make an R&D tax claim contact us today. Haines Watts’ expert knowledge ensures maximum value of your R&D claim.

We’ve achieved a 100% record in claiming R&D tax credits. Contact us today or find your local Haines Watts office and we will help maximise future R&D claims.

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