Martin Bowles


Having been a general practice Director for over 20 years there aren't many business sectors that Martin hasn't had experience of. He builds on his experiences as a business owner to advise other business owners, and thrives as a quasi-FD for entrepreneurial clients who don't have that function, as well as using his experience in providing a sounding-board to more sophisticated clients. He learns something new everyday and everyday has something new to offer.

"The buzz comes from the continuous challenge of successfully running our practices alongside working with interesting and varied clients with ever evolving needs. This leads to no two days being the same. Having a fantastic team to work with and depend on for our continued growth makes it all worthwhile."

If I wasn't doing this I'd be: Soaring above the clouds.

Sports Team: Nottingham Forest 

Dream Location: Anywhere with my family.

Favourite Food:  Asian or Far East food.