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We provide a unique combination of agricultural knowledge and financial expertise to individuals and businesses to support their financial and taxation needs.


Our clients throughout the South West receive constant support throughout the year to achieve the most from their businesses, maximize the recovery of farm subsidies, manage cash flows, raise financial facilities and maintain professional management of banking relationships. Most importantly we assist with tax planning and facilitate ongoing decision making to ensure best responses are made to ever changing agricultural market conditions and cover all aspects of Farm Business Management.

Our clients achieve consistently improved cash flows, lower costs, higher productivity and higher profitability. Our South West services include:

  • Grant advice and assistance with grant applications.
  • Single payment advice and Single Payment application forms.
  • Financial budget preparation in cash flow, profit and gross margin formats.
  • Monitoring of financial budgets during the course of a financial year.
  • Providing action plans to clients as a result of budget monitoring in terms of activities they need to carry out to improve performance.
  • Preparing business plans for submission to banks and other financial organisations to secure lending.
  • Completing business plans for agricultural businesses to decide on the best enterprise mix at that farm.
  • Providing crop planning advice to decide the type of crops which are the most economic and also suitable for particular businesses.
  • Practical advice on livestock building design.
  • General advice on staff management, staff contracts and pay advice.
  • Advice on capital investment priorities for the business.
  • Help and guidance with all aspects of paperwork related to Cross Compliance legislation within the Single Payment regime.
  • Advice on accounts software for farms.
  • General advice on diversified businesses such as Tourism and other non-agricultural income sources.
  • General advice on renewable energy sources such as Wind Turbines and Solar Parks.
  •  Input & support for dealings with other professional advisors: financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, property agents etc including advice on:
    – wills, inheritance planning and basic tax advice.
    – pension planning and retirement planning.
    – tenancy and contract farming agreements.
    – share farming agreements.

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