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R&D tax relief can open up valuable new cash flows for your business, enabling you to re-invest in growth. We help businesses all over the UK reclaim millions of pounds from HMRC. If you’d like to find out more about how to maximise your claim, then you should speak to Haines Watts.

What are R&D tax credits?

Research & Development (R&D) tax relief is an incentive available to UK limited companies which encourages investment in innovation. R&D tax credits can reduce a company’s tax liability or, if a company is not in profit, provide a payable cash refund.

For tax purposes, the definition of R&D is purposefully broad. The relief is ultimately geared towards problem solving businesses – those which can demonstrate they’re making ‘appreciable improvements’ or overcoming technological/scientific uncertainties.

If you’re improving processes, bringing new products and services to market, increasing efficiencies or solving problems for customers, there’s a strong chance you could be eligible for the relief.

As it stands, the R&D tax credits are one of the biggest forms of tax relief available to SMEs, providing a 130% uplift on qualifying costs.

With thousands of pounds waiting to be claimed, this could make a real difference to your business. Find out if your business is eligible to claim R&D tax relief by contacting us today, or speaking to a local Haines Watts office to explore R&D tax claims.

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