The secret life
of the business owner

The Secret's Out

Business owners would do anything for their company. The real question is: at what cost? How can business owners balance success with a healthy and happy life, and stay motivated?

Download our full report to find out whether business owners are making sacrifices, ultimately damaging their health, wellbeing, personal relationships and even the will to carry on.

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Just one in ten (10%) business owners has a plan in place to address industry disruption.

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For Love or Money explores
why business owners lose their
motivation - and how to get it back

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We explore the isolation and pressure experienced by the modern business owner

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Business owners can quickly become blind to the risks they face. Owners are so deeply emotionally invested in their company, but is it OK to place blind bets on your financial future?

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Company owners are playing a dangerous game when it comes to risk management and their own financial future.

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So many business owners struggle to find time to step away from their desks and reap the rewards of their hard work.

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“Business owners are leaving their company and their wealth open to significant risks, many of which could be avoided.”

Darren Holdway, Haines Watts

For Love or Money is the first comprehensive study into the lives of modern business
owners. Recognise the issues we've highlighted?

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