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"Applied Nutrition are at the forefront of their industry in terms of expanding and looking for new ways to operate,” says David Fort, Managing Partner of Haines Watts Manchester.

Applied Nutrition has started a revolution. Creating state of the art products that are changing how sports nutrition is consumed, utilised and unleashed for performance. Founded in 2014, Applied Nutrition was created by Thomas Ryder, a seasoned name in the sector; since then, the business has grown substantially and has expanded into various different markets.

“Our new product development team are constantly working to bring new innovations into these products,” says Joe Pollard, Finance Director at Applied Nutrition.

Having initially been tasked with the company’s audit, Haines Watts have been by the side of Applied Nutrition since 2020. Speaking on the growth of the business, David Fort, Managing Director at Haines Watts said, “it’s been good to see how they have grown, you can see how controlled the company is with how they manage the capital and the supply chain. Particularly in a difficult market.”

Now, Haines Watts supports Applied Nutrition with their research & development tax relief and patent box claims. “We like to think that we can lead in terms of their tax innovations, that we can push forward and make sure that Joe and his team are aware of all the tax reliefs they can get,” says David.

Applied Nutrition’s market is only set to grow further, with the company already seeing expansions in several countries. 

“We land products in pretty much every corner of the globe from as far away as Australia and New Zealand,” Joe says.

On the topic of expansion into different markets, David says “I think their move in the US is particularly exciting, because I’m told that that’s the biggest market for their products in the world.”

“Haines Watts were able to introduce their international network, to a local accountant and lawyer who have been extremely helpful in setting the business up,” says Joe.

Times ahead are exciting for Applied Nutrition, as their growth journey continues, and “the journey is going to get more and more exciting,” says David.

"We think our brands differentiate from others through the sheer quality of our products".

Joe Pollard

Finance Director

Applied Nutrition

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Responsible for leading and co-ordinating business teams of various sizes which is clearly visible from his wealth of experience in working with people.He is also accomplished in accounting, audit and management

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