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Happy International Women’s Day 2020!

As part of our celebrations at Haines Watts Scotland, I have taken time to reflect on my career and the progress that has been made towards gender equality in today’s business world.

The truth is that I have never really considered myself to be in a male dominated profession which it most certainly was in my early years of practice. I still remember in my first year of auditing, being asked by the managing director of an audit client to make him a cup of coffee with two sugars! I obliged with a grin but I have no doubt that this situation would not arise today and certainly few woman would oblige.

I believe there was always been opportunities to grasp new challenges throughout my career in audit and, being a woman, has never impacted on that for me. I chose a very balanced relationship between work and home life, which I believe has been the foundation for strong business success at Haines Watts Scotland and the strong roots which enabled my husband and me to bring up three amazing sons. I believe that, where work-life balance is still an issue for woman today in a male dominated world, it is slowing dissolving with the passage of time. My three sons, now all in their 20’s, are completely committed to equal partnerships in their personal life and in their work life. This may be a result of their own experience at home but I think it reflects more the society that we live in today and that they are now experiencing.

I advocate that we look to achieve a much more work life harmony whatever our gender. Let this balance ensure that, unlike Coronavirus’, ‘Karoshi’, which is a recognised diagnosis in Japan, which means “death from overwork” is not as contagious.

To conclude on International Women’s Day, I champion team work in all areas of life. This is the foundation for a better and stronger future for us all. Life is challenging enough!

For an insider peek of our International Women’s Day celebrations, visit our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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