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Cloud Accounting – All your Business Information at your Fingertips

The introduction of the governments Making Tax Digital scheme has presented lots of small business owners with the benefits of using a cloud accounting software package for bookkeeping and accounting.

Any company who is VAT registered and has a turnover of more than the 85k VAT threshold will now be filing their VAT returns digitally. While it may have seemed like a pain to set up, using software to manage your business finances, we know, makes life easier in the long run.

Often small business owners, especially those tradesman who are out on the road all day every day, spend their evenings and weekends catching up with bookkeeping tasks such as raising invoices, finding and recording purchase receipts and chasing debtors.

You don’t have to be VAT registered to join the thousands of businesses using cloud packages.

With a bookkeeping software package such as Xero or Quickbooks you can raise invoices while you are out and about, check your bank, find out who owes you what and file receipts as you make purchases. No more searching for receipts in pockets and behind car seats!

Another invaluable advantage is data storage and security. Your data is saved on secure servers accessible by you with a password from either a mobile device or PC. So you don’t need to worry if your laptop or PC goes wrong – you can just access your bookkeeping software from a new laptop or another device.

With a dashboard of information at your fingertips you can then drill down in to the details to find a particular debtor, invoice or purchase while on the move.

Add on Benefits

As well as the standard functions with any bookkeeping software there are a huge range of add-ons and apps available. Mileage recorders, automated debt collection, credit card payment facilities to name a few.

One of the most popular is Receipt Bank – which allows you to take a photo of a receipt and send it straight to your software, snap and send is the perfect way to manage your purchases. To find out more get in touch with us on 01379 640555.

Haines Watts

We have worked with bookkeeping software for a very long time! There are several packages on the market and with our knowledge and experience we can advise on which package would be best for your business needs.

Having a cloud based system means as your accountant and with your permission we can also access your bookkeeping information ready for your year-end accounts production.

We can help you choose a package, migrate any data you already have and show you how to raise invoices, enter purchases or anything else you need to know.

Our certified staff can introduce you to any of the apps that we feel may be of interest and ensure you know how to find out which add-ons could be of benefit to you.

If you’d like to find out more about cloud accounting packages then please drop us a line. We know once you’re set up and using a cloud accounting package you’ll wonder what to do with all those free evenings and weekends!

Get in touch now and we’ll help you free up some of your time. Call us on 01379 640555 or email us at To find out more about Haines Watts visit our website here.

Want to know more? Call us on 01842 760 007 or email

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