Employment contract – getting the basics right

19 April 2021

Getting the basics right!

All employers of every shape or size have an obligation to provide a written statement of employment particulars i.e. an employment contract! This needs to be issued on or before the employee’s first day of work.

Do you have a contract of employment? If not, you are not alone, it is a common problem we encounter, but very easy to rectify.

Has your contract been reviewed? In recent years there have been changes that need to be reflected in your contract.

Have you reviewed how well your contract meets the needs of your business? Do you create intellectual property that needs to be protected? Do you need to protect against your staff walking off to a competitor with all of your knowledge? Do you have image rights to protect from being shared or posted on social media by your staff? Do you need to allow for a high level of flexibility for hours, location and role? Are you offering variable pay?

These are all questions we have resolved in the past month, and ensured are adequately reflected in the employment contract to protect the business and give clarity to employees. 

Take a look and your contract and check you have the following;

  • The employer’s name and address and the employee or worker’s name
  • The start date
  • How long the job is expected to last (if it’s temporary or fixed term)
  • Any probation period, including its conditions and how long it is
  • Job title, or a brief description of the job
  • The location(s) of work or travel required in order to carry out their role
  • Is there any obligatory training, including training the employer does not pay for?
  • Pay, including how much, how often and when
  • Working hours, including which days the employee or worker must work, or in the case of variable hours, the days or hours they may be requested to work
  • Holiday, including how much they get, and how much they will be paid
  • Sickness absence, including how to report absence, and how much they will be paid
  • Any other paid leave?
  • Any benefits, including non-contractual benefits or company car schemes
  • The notice period either side must give when employment ends
  • Has your contract been updated in line with GDPR moving away from the old data protection clauses

If you don’t already have contracts in place, or if you could benefit from a review, please get in touch and we would be happy to help.