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We are collaborating with local experts to provide a wide range of additional services which we feel will benefit our clients.

At Haines Watts, we offer professional services to people who run their own business, delivered by people who understand them, and share their ambitions, passion and commitment... It's what makes us the business people for people with a business.

Our services

Human Resources

Whether you require complete support, someone to guide and advise your team on specific situations, or just the tools and processes for you to implement with background support.

Our HR specialists are here to design bespoke packages for you, whether that's starting from scratch or freshening up your existing policies and procedures. Our advisors are here to make sure you're compliant and have the documentation that enables your business to run seamlessly:

  • Employee relations case management
  • Policy and contract development
  • Recruitment and employee development
  • Development and delivery of bespoke performance management systems
  • Restructures and redundancy programs
  • Salary reviews and benchmarking
  • Creation of HR strategy to define how HR can support the business to achieve its goals and objectives


Our HR offering is led by Louise Skittrall of Robinson Grace HR Consultancy.

Health & Safety

Our Health and Safety training courses offer your business the support and advice that will help to improve your employee's knowledge of safe working practices, reduce risks in the workplace, and help to create a more compliant, safer work environment.

Our HR specialists are here to design bespoke packages for you, whether that's starting from scratch or freshening up your existing policies and procedures:

  • Mental Health First Aid training
  • Risk Assessments
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Development and delivery of bespoke training packages
  • Creation and delivery of a H&S strategy on a retained or ad hoc basis


Our H&S offering is led by Andrew Wilkinson of Robinson Grace HR Consultancy.

IT Support

We provide IT services to the SME market, providing contracted support and advise to keep your business running smoothly.

What services you will be providing

  • IT Support; day to day support keeping your systems and users running
  • IT Hardware; All hardware provided, all fully commissioned ready to use
  • Networks; New installations, upgrades and ongoing management
  • Telephony; VOIP solutions, and many internet connectivity options
  • Cloud Hosting solutions; Website hosting, application hosting - moving your systems to the Cloud

Our IT Support offering is led by Jason Parrington of JP IT Solutions

Public Relations

Whether you need to simply understand what public relations means, or you want to better understand how to implement it in your business or you want a partner to do it with you – we can help and design bespoke packages to help you reach your visibility goals.

You may want to:

  • Engage effectively with the media – locally, regionally, sector specific, trade press, national or international
  • Engage effectively through organic and SEO-ready use of blogs both on your website or on other expert platforms such as Medium
  • Engage effectively on social media through organic growth and consistent content
  • Engage effectively through the intelligent use of animation and/or video content
  • Empower your team to engage effectively with the media by injecting some journalistic insight into their daily activities


When it comes to media relations, marketing professionals will often avoid engagement through lack of knowledge, lack of confidence and fear – yet in doing so they are missing a golden opportunity to be more visible as a business, brand and team. Great PR done well, over time will lead to more sales, more opportunity, brand awareness, effective recruitment and retention through a strong and positive reputation. If things do ever go wrong or threaten to turn negative, we can also help with crisis and reputation management.


Our PR offering is led by Fiona Scott of Scott Media.

Employee Benefits

It can be challenging for employers to attract, retain, and engage with employees, as well as keeping them happy and motivated. But through our initial consultations, and proactive annual reviews, we support businesses with a full range of employee benefits. These include:

  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Death in Service
  • Dental and Health Cash Plans
  • Health Assessments
  • Employee Assistance Programmes


We specialise in health insurance, group protection and employee benefits, working with SME businesses across the whole of the UK and internationally. As an independent whole-of-market broker we have access to all insurance companies and providers in the benefits market meaning we can therefore secure the most competitive products and terms on your behalf.

We not only work with you on the selection and setup of your new benefits, but also support you fully throughout the year. We want to make sure that administering your employee benefits is easy and saves you as much time as possible.


Our Employee Benefits offering is led by Nynke Hunter of Excellect.


Cash is so critical to the success of a business – even a highly profitable one – that investing in getting a handle on your credit management should be at the top of your plan.

Getting paid on time is fundamental to healthy cash flow.

We work with businesses to review and strengthen how they offer, manage and monitor payment terms.

By spending some time and investing in best practice advice and guidance, you can ensure you have a credit policy that serves your business. A robust credit policy will remove the problem of overdue payment, speed up decision making and create consistency in the customer experience.

We can:

  • Review how you currently manage payment terms and overdue payments and make recommendations for improvement
  • Assist you with removing the causes of overdue payments before they occur
  • Work with you to implement the recommendations from our review
  • Design policies which remove the risk of credit management worries
  • Review and Update or create Terms and Conditions of Sale to set clear expectations each and every time you contract for business
  • Deliver a Power Hour where we advise on strategies to overcome cash-related challenges which are troubling your business


Our Cashflow offering is led by Nicki Kinton of Confident Cashflow.


By using the Haines Watts payroll service, you can remove the need for a payroll administrator and save time and money on staff training. You will no longer have to purchase and update payroll software, nor worry about legislation changes and potential penalties for non-compliance.

Outsourcing your payroll to us means you have the time to concentrate on running your business, confident that you’ve got payroll matters covered. We have vast experience in dealing efficiently with the complexities and confidentiality of payroll, including the pension rules regarding Auto Enrolment obligations.

  • P11Ds and Benefits in Kind reporting
  • Easy to understand, tailored reports
  • EMIs and other employee share schemes reporting
  • Advice on all payroll related issues
  • Fixed fees
  • Reporting to your Auto Enrolment pension provider
  • Real Time Information (RTI) PAYE filing
  • Assistance with Auto Enrolment correspondence
  • Email communication to employees including payslips, P45s and P60s
  • Fully bespoke service dependent on your needs


Our Payroll offering is led by Michael Webb of Haines Watts.

Executive and Key Employee Remuneration Strategy (EMIs)

We can provide valuable business improvement advice, and will ensure you get the support you need to grow a successful business.

We’ll help you develop a practical plan with measurable objectives, milestones, and outcomes. We will remain by your side – helping you to get to where you want to be that bit faster and with greater certainty.

We can assist you in designing a remuneration strategy for the executive and for key employees, aimed at helping you to:

  1. distinguish yourself from your competitors

  2. optimise performance

  3. improve long-term retention of key staff


It’s not easy – juggling the day to day demands on your time with the need to step back and assess where you are and what you may need to do to develop your business:

  • Tax-advantaged share option schemes
  • Pension contributions
  • Tax efficient employment benefits and incentive schemes
  • Flexible benefits packages
  • Performance bonuses
  • Salary sacrifice arrangements
  • Other share option and share ownership arrangements
  • Business valuation tracking and rewards


Our EMI offering is led by Martin Gurney of Haines Watts.

Boardroom advisors

How to harness the power of a good board

No business is too small to benefit from having a board. In fact, it’s such a powerful management tool that no small business should be without one. It will be your sounding board, a source of ideas and expertise. It will fill any knowledge gaps with expert help, innovate and challenge your thinking; and help you make contacts you wouldn’t otherwise make.

Finding and appointing one would normally be a painstaking and expensive process. So, let Haines Watts do the hard work for you and find you the perfect board advisor/mentor to turbo charge your business.

Expertise and experience at your fingertips

Your board advisors/mentors are selected from a screened group of highly experienced, intelligent and accomplished business people who have run large, successful business and have faced all the challenges of managing a fast-growing enterprise.

They will be able to offer guidance on all aspects of running and growing a business as well as bringing a host of useful contacts and networks, in the UK and across the world.  They will also provide constructive challenge around business decisions and add that high level support which is usually found only in larger businesses.

How will your board be appointed?

We have spent time finding and bringing the “Inspired Board” service together with a group of highly credible individuals who have the right experience and background to meet your needs.  The service helps you decide on the skills and experience you need to assemble an impressive and effective board and bring the most appropriate individuals to your table.

Your new board advisor/mentor will provide an exploratory initial virtual meeting between you both, quarterly virtual board meetings of up to two hours each and phone contact between meetings.  In-person board advisors/mentors are available and please contact us to find out more.


Our Board Advisor offering is led by Mandy Paterson of Inspire.

Reach your goals

Business growth is not just about the size of the company. Growing the strength of your employee engagement, profitability, and employer brand is as important as your commercial growth; after all your commercial growth is achieved through your people.

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