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23 January 2024

The benefits of cloud accounting



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What is cloud accounting and how can it make your business more efficient?

Make sure you take advantage of the opportunities that modern technology offers.

Keeping track of your business, invoicing, credit control, debtors and cash flow can be difficult when you are out and about all day visiting customers and working your day job.

No one wants to come home from a hard days work and then do ‘the paperwork’? Finding and filing receipts, raising invoices, chasing for payment and making sure you have cash in the bank can all seem like one of those ‘I’ll do it later tasks.

If you find yourself putting off these essential and time consuming tasks then its time to think about cloud accounting. 

Do you like the idea of having all your business transactions readily accessible in your pocket?

We all have access to online banking and instant email using iPhones and android devices but what about business transactions, keeping track of invoicing and debtors, knowing who has paid and what’s owed.

Cash flow and keeping track of it can be difficult if your job means you are away from your office throughout the day. It’s hard to find time to raise invoices, file receipts and chase those outstanding debts.

What if you could raise an invoice instantly while with your client, add travel expenses as you get them, see who has paid and what you have outstanding, check your bank balance and have access to your company financial data at any time and from anywhere?

With MTD for self employed and landlords now postponed until 2026 you have plenty of time to choose the right cloud accounting packaging for you and your business.

Let us introduce you to Cloud Accounting

The cloud is a platform that makes data and software, with the right connectivity, accessible online at anytime from anywhere. Cloud based software allows you to access and view your business transactions in real time. We all use cloud based technology for on-line banking, emails and entertainment.

What can Cloud Accounting Software do?

A cloud accounting package gives you a clear overview of your business finances. It will provide you with all you need to run your business.

Like what?

  • It can provide you with a complete package to manage your business
  • Allows your accountant access to your data, with your permission, to provide bookkeeping, year end accounts and help and support when you need it.
  • It can Allow you to view your bank balance, outstanding and paid invoices all in real time
  • You will be able to raise an invoice from anywhere using your own branded template and email instantly with a pay now button for fast payment.
  • Financial reporting - view your Profit & Loss figures – drill right down to sales and client accounts
  • You can file receipts at the press of a button – just snap and send to the software
  • Use partner apps for receipts, credit card payments, stock control, mileage recording, project management and much more
  • Keep you data secure and backed up at all times.
What’s the benefit to you and your business?

No more spending hours filing or finding receipts, raising invoices and chasing debts.
Improved cash flow – quicker invoicing and debt collection.

No expensive IT costs - Secure and backed up data – no fear of the dreaded laptop meltdown.
As your accountant we can access you data to help with queries and to download for accounts preparation.

Why would you not use Cloud Accounting?!

It will save you time and your business money. Cloud Accounting software is user friendly and can handle all your business transactions. There’s lots of tips, ‘how to guides’ and downloads all available at the touch of a button. And of course, we are on hand for advice and to help you register and get started.

For as little as £20 per month you can get started and be in touch with your business in real time!

Why not give it a go – contact us now for a free demo on 01379 640555 or email us at


Stephen Matthews

Managing Director