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Having recently attended my first conference with the Service Charge team to showcase Haines Watts within the Housing Association sector, I can honestly say, it was an eye opener. There were so many people at the top of their game, all in one room ‘talking business’, at first I found it a little overwhelming, but I soon felt more comfortable.

We prepared for an early start by staying at a hotel nearby, with our bags and minds at the ready. The morning of the event, we met our Marketing team, who travelled down especially to help support us for the day ahead.

Once in full swing, the hustle and bustle of the conference grew as the day passed, with visitors coming to the stand enticed by our goodies and business card drop for the chance to win a Magnum of Champagne, a clear winner for many. We had an immense amount of interest, with a few passers-by unaware of who we are, intrigued to know more. It was extremely interesting talking to new people, having the opportunity to explain what we, as Service Charge accountants actually do, from reducing accounting errors, to identifying potential savings and providing clear and concise final accounts to be communicated to leaseholders.

The speakers at the event were brilliant, highlighting key points around the sector, from understanding the part the Directors of Resident Management Companies play, alongside Landlords, the leases themselves, property management to the future of the Service Charge sector. Their input as a whole has enabled me to upskill and expand my knowledge of the housing association sector, therefore, improving my communication with clients and my ability to support the relationships we hold.

After having attended this conference, it just goes to show how important they are. We’ve spoken to so many individuals who are unaware of our services. This allows us to not only inform and increase awareness of our services, but also learn from the experienced names within the field, also target those who may require a highly competent Service Charge provider, like Haines Watts. It also allows us to venture onto new ground and into emerging areas of accounting, grasping the opportunities to attend expert conferences with the respective attendees in those fields, deliberately targeting the specialised area of future clients.

Following the success at previous conferences and events, we aim to exhibit more and more. It not only helps personally from building confidence, but also helps to build the brand name and reputation within a relatively new field for Haines Watts.

We’re not people who just ‘stand still’, we confront the future with proactivity and enthusiasm. Do you?

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