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Why an apprenticeship?

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There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between an apprenticeship, college or studying at University. Depending primarily on your ambition, goals and reasons for embarking on this journey, the choice of career’s certainly an individual one. There are many misconceptions about apprenticeships; for example, they’re for those who struggle academically, they’re a ‘plan B’ after not getting into university, or as an apprentice, you’ll be ‘the junior’ who’ll be making cups of tea and running errands all day. This isn’t the case at all!

“Take the AAT Advanced or Professional Apprenticeship in Accounting for example – apprentices are qualified to undertake a wide range of accountancy, financial and taxation tasks and have the opportunity to progress to chartered status, just like university graduates.” Taken from AAT website;

An apprenticeship gives you a way to earn money whilst completing a professional qualification and gaining real experience in the work place. It’s well known that theoretical knowledge isn’t beneficial on its own, when it’s applied, along with the practical knowledge, this is the experience employers look for.

They’re by no means an easy way out however! You’ll be working full-time alongside studying, which takes hard work and determination. This ‘real-world’ experience will positively improve your career prospects, giving you the desired ‘foundations’ early on, enabling you to follow your chosen path.

At Haines Watts, we have an annual intake of apprentices. It’s rewarding to support our apprentices as they grow and become part of an established team. We’re continually evolving both our apprentice and business processes, in order to best develop our talent.

As a levy paying employer, we ensure we use the levy pot to its maximum benefit, which includes not only our annual intake, but also the development of our existing team. We have circa 20 people under the apprenticeship programme from Level 3 to 7 including AAT, ATT, CTA, ACCA and RICS. Imagine what you could do…?

If you’re interested in finding out more about our accountancy specific apprenticeships, please click here!

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