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If you’re anything like I used to be, then the idea of waking up at the crack of dawn to drag yourself to the gym didn’t sound at all appealing. The thought of spending an hour or so, running monotonously on the treadmill burning a few calories, just to make way for lunch, was no fun. Let’s face it, exercise can be a chore, but as I’ve found out recently, if done right, it can also be fun!

At the start of the year, a few of us in the office made a commitment to be ‘healthy’, whether that was eating more fruit and veg, venturing to this mysterious place called the ‘gym’, or just exercising a little more. It seemed like the perfect time, with the ‘new year, new me’ kind of thing. It may not be for everyone of course, however, it’s said that the healthier you are and the more exercise you do, the happier you’ll be. If you’ve ever read any sort of article about exercise, then you’ll also have seen it improves your happiness through the release of endorphins, relieves stress, gives you more energy and of course, helps you lose weight if you have a target you’re aiming for.

There’s a lot going for working in an open office environment, but it can also sometimes have its challenges, as it’s easy to sit at your desk all day, munching on biscuits (which we’re all guilty of, here and there) and generally not moving around too much. This is why we made our pledge to change – we wanted a ‘work life balance’, and none of this ‘sitting at your desk for lunch business’. We’ve attempted to start completing in a ‘friendly’ way, in competitions, such as the weekly ‘plank’, the after work ‘running circuit’, and encouraging each other to eat healthy(ish) food with the occasional slice of birthday cake when they appear.

However, this wasn’t enough…In order to be able to make our challenge more interesting, we decided to take part in a few obstacle courses throughout the year, many may know them as the ‘Tough Mudder’ and the ‘Wolf Run’. Some say it’s madness, and some even ask why on earth would you want to endure this? Well, back in April, nine of us took part in the ten Kilometre Winter Wolf Run. Although, it was in my eyes hypothermically cold, and perhaps not the best idea to be swimming through lakes in this temperature, we still made it! It was such an achievement to be able to run (or crawl) to the finish line, and for a group of people who aren’t serial exercisers, we were PROUD as individuals and to have represented our company.

Since then, we’ve also taken part in others like the Urban Tough Mudder in the Northampton Saints Ground, one of which made for an interesting experience, as the temperature was the polar opposite and some of us (more than others) suffered from the wrath of the Sun. All this hard work isn’t for nothing however, for a few of us, this journey is leading us to the winter half marathon in December, something I personally thought I’d never be able to do!!

It’s difficult to achieve certain goals on your own, unless you have the strong drive and motivation. It’s easy to fail after the first few weeks if you don’t notice much change. But as they say ‘slow and steady wins the race’…

So, if you’re thinking of doing something different or setting yourself a challenge like the Wolf Run, make sure to persuade your family, friends or work colleagues to join you, and find your very own ‘Wolf Pack’!

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