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A big summer of cricket in England’s well and truly under way. The ICC world cup’s being held in England and Wales for the first time since 1999 and the world’s best players have been putting on a real show (even if the rain’s caused a few games to be abandoned). England went into the tournament as favourites and despite a couple of early losses, they’re still in the mix for the semi-finals and from there, anything can happen. However, what can we learn from the world’s best cricket teams and how can it relate to your business?


Selection for the world cup squad’s vitally important, similarly to selecting the best matched employees for your business. The successful teams look to have a strong, aggressive batting line up and strike bowlers who can make the difference when required. They have a blend of skills and attributes that make them a great team. When thinking about recruitment and selection within your business, it’s important to think about the blend. Regardless of your type of business, you need employees who complement each other’s attributes and can bring something to not only role they’re in, but the wider team itself. Not everyone needs to be an ‘all-rounder’, you also need your specialists, much like the bowlers, batsmen and wicket keepers within the team.

Make the tough calls

Sticking with selection, the top teams’ selectors have made some big calls when selecting the squad, and none bigger than the England team dropping a regular for the past few years in David Willey, for the blockbuster fast bowler Jofra Archer. Whilst many pundits were calling for Archer to be in the squad, dropping a reliable performer such as Willey, was a huge call, but it looks to be the right one, as Archer’s been able to unlock some top batsmen’s defences during the world cup so far. Within your business, you may be faced with some similar tough decisions. You may have employees in roles which you feel aren’t quite the right fit, or should be providing you with more, but you feel a sense of loyalty to them and therefore leave them in the team. Making that tough decision may be the one which allows you to put a star player into a position which takes your team and business to the next level, helping you bowl your competition out.

Giving the team confidence

One thing the top teams have in abundance, is belief and confidence. The captain and coaching teams build an environment which allows the team to go out and express themselves, there isn’t any worry they may lose a wicket or get hit for a six because they know a team mate will come in and support them. Similarly, the best teams help reinforce a belief that they’re the best, they believe they have the players to chase down a big score or protect a lead if required and because they have this belief, in the main, they perform well. Replicating this type of culture within your business is equally as important. Giving your employees the opportunity to be creative and the freedom to perform, in an environment without fear, can allow you to see their best level of performance. By giving them praise and encouraging them to believe in themselves, they’ll continue to improve and perform to a high standard which will ensure a continuous cycle of motivation. It’s a win-win and a much better experience for business-owners, managers and employees alike. Think about what you’re doing to create this type of environment and the conversations you’re having with your employees; a positive environment’s a great way to build a happy, engaged and high performing team.

In cricket, much like in business, success isn’t guaranteed, there will be ups and downs (like England’s early losses), but if you can build a high performing team, you can drive your business to success and create resilience in the harder times.

We took part in our own match last month, and proved the theory that the right people in a team, with the right skills really does win you the match, as you can see Rob – Head of Operations & Technology, in action. If you’d like to read more about our win, you can find it on our website.



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