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The Haines Watts XI went to sleep on Tuesday evening with their fingers tightly crossed, hoping the infamous British weather wouldn’t let them down for the annual friendly cricket match against Loddington and Mawsley CC on Wednesday 5th June.

The pressure was on, we’d won the Haines Watts internal Football tournament in May, but could we maintain our winning streak? We took a mixed team of players over to Loddington, with several players making their Haines Watts cricket debuts. In addition, we were also welcomed by 3 ‘sons of’ who made significant contributions in the game, either with bat or ball.

After winning the toss and electing to bowl first, captain Ben Young, called out positions on the field, with some knowing where to stand and others simply deciding where to go.

During the 20 overs, everyone had a chance to bowl, we definitely had some ‘variations’, with one player bowling a no ball, a wide and a full toss in one over! The occasion obviously getting to him. Notable bowlers during the match were Jacob De Main, Oscar Young and Manik Fernando.

During the game, there were several stand out fielders, Charlotte Williams on her first and hopefully not last game of cricket, Isaac Young and of course Manik Fernando for taking over the fielding captaincy… Matt Pickard was very busy signing autographs and posing for photographs with fans, so it was very good of him to field every now and then, to remind everyone he was still playing.

Loddington had some serious batting ability with several players scoring 25, but due to tiresome fielding (in parts) and precise bowling (again in parts), we were able to keep them at a respectable 134.

There was a slight break with several players beginning their warm ups. The batting order was selected and into bat Jacob De Main and Harry Williams went. Within minutes, they were walking back to the Pavilion. Unfortunately, Harry spent more time warming up than he did batting.

0-2 on the scoreboard after an over was just what we needed, luckily, we had several players who scored 25 (on scoring 25 a player retires but can come back and bat again if the team’s bowled out) and kept the scoreboard ticking over. Notable batsmen were Manik Fernando, Rob De Main, Ben Young and especially Matt Pickard for scoring some decisive runs, even though he apparently ‘hasn’t played in years’.

After several more wickets from Loddington’s accurate bowling, the pressure was building, we needed 1 run with only 1 wicket remaining. This didn’t faze Ben Young however, he saw the opportunity, and took it. Calmly and collectively, he scored the winning run for Haines Watts.

It was a great game, enjoyed by all and I’d just like to thank Loddington CC for their hospitality and great barbecuing skills once again.

If you’re interested in playing with the team, please visit their website for more details.

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