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Whether you have an HR query, you’re struggling to complete your monthly payroll on time, or need a new team member to fill a vacant role, we can help! Our Northamptonshire based People Services team, comprised of Human Resources, Payroll and Talent & Resourcing can support you on any ‘people’ related matters or opportunities that may arise.

South East Midlands HR services


Growing a business

Without the right organisational structure, a business can fail to function efficiently, or even function at all! At the start of any corporate journey, it’s important to define the destination, the skills and experience required to underpin success. From this, the organisational structure’s designed, and the current team evaluated against it – the result being, that the output governs the basics of your HR strategy. Our own People Services teams’ organisational design experience’s underpinned by our use of technology, which helps determine the best structure to achieve growth for your business.

Employer brand

This crucial element of a business explains how you treat employees. If successfully achieved, it can set you apart from your competitors. Unfortunately however, there’s no ‘off the shelf’ solution. Companies prepared to invest the time on talent acquisition will be sure to maximise the returns and in doing so, become an employer of choice.

Managing employees

Successful employee management shouldn’t be complicated. However, for many, creating a high performing team can be a daunting task. It requires techniques that suit both the situation and the employee, and decisions should be in line with the businesses goals, as well as employment legislation to ensure risk’s managed appropriately. In parallel, engagement relies on the understanding of how several generations of employees are motivated and view their work. Our regional team of HR experts working predominantly, but not exclusively with clients across Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire are on hand to help you navigate this challenge along your business journey.

Rewarding & retaining employees

Have you considered how best to reward & retain employees in the most competitive way? A reward system supports the foundation of how your employees feel about their jobs – those who feel great about their work, deliver more! A reward strategy doesn’t necessarily require significant budgets, but instead, creative, smart solutions that underpin your employer proposition and ensure a competitive edge within the market.

Assessing talent & succession planning

Talent management’s a commitment to recruit, hire, retain and develop talent, in line with the business plan. Our regional ‘Talent Bench’ service, is a methodical approach to measuring your team resource and uncovers results you might not ordinarily see, and in doing so, feeds valuable information into your people strategy. Succession planning’s a method for identifying and developing new leaders. In order for it to be successful, it requires a plan that will develop talent to fill business-critical positions over time, ensuring skills shortages are met in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It’s critical therefore, that succession planning and talent management’s a proactive exercise and is integrated, in order to be truly effective and run in parallel with the business’ destination.

Reaching your destination

Regardless of where your current business is at, creating a planned approach to reaching your goal, wherever that may be, is a must. It’s likely such a plan will be multi-faceted, encompassing: finance, tax, property, payroll and people in order to provide you with any level of assurance. Our People Services team are here to help you proactively align your people strategy with your business plan and in doing so, help you reach your Destination with Speed and Certainty.

HR consultancy – Consultancy support to help manage business restructuring or transfer, redundancies or recruitment and negotiating exit arrangements.

HR technology – A cloud-based system that centralises employee records and automates HR processes, to improve operational effectiveness and efficiencies.

HR healthcheck – A comprehensive audit of your employee lifecycle to determine legal compliance and opportunity for your business to improve its overall people strategy.

HR outsourcing – Access to every level of HR, including ‘grass roots’ HR administration, contracts, policy development, employee relations and organisational change.

HR projects – Transformation of your ideas into reality through our team of subject matter experts. Outsourcing HR project management, results in minimum disruption to your permanent teams and ensures effective budget control. Underpinned by our project management software, we ensure collaboration and ‘real-time’ progress tracking.

Pay-as-you-go – Designed to offer maximum flexibility for reactive employee challenges, our team of independent HR experts will support and navigate you through to an effective solution – this may be a single employee challenge or occasional HR backup, including holiday/sickness cover.


South East Midlands payroll services


Payroll compliance

Payroll’s an essential part of running your business. However, it can consume a large proportion of your resources. It confirms how you reward employees, compensating them for the work completed and in doing so, must be accurate, compliant and completed on time. It’s a complex field due to the volume of tax codes and ever-changing regulations employers have to adhere to. Outsourcing payroll can be a ‘no-brainer’ as it can reduce costs, provide access to trained professionals, improve efficiency and help you ensure legal compliance.

Payroll experts

Our Northamptonshire based team are experts in dealing efficiently with hundreds of clients and the complexities of their payroll, including the new Auto Enrolment pension rules. Working with us, you’ll no longer need to worry about HMRC legislation changes or potential penalties, as we’ll ensure you remain compliant.

Switching providers

Finding a reliable payroll provider’s, no mean feat. However, switching providers couldn’t be easier. We’ll manage the whole process for you, reducing the stress and anxiety, whilst ensuring your employees are paid on time.


Our self-service portal enables your employees to access their payroll records electronically via our secure cloud-based system. This includes all payslips and P60 information.


South East Midlands talent & resourcing services


Talent consultancy – An in-depth evaluation via our experts, who bring relevant resourcing and consultancy experience to your business.

Recruiter on-demand – Access the skills of experienced recruitment professionals, as and when you need them, without the placement fees.

Search & selection – Premium recruitment services and job placements for executives, shared service and temporary roles.

Recruitment technology – A cloud-based environment that manages your recruitment process, whilst securing candidate records and maximising candidate engagement.

Psychometric assessment – Visualise your team’s capability and behaviour whilst recognising their personality fit with the destination of the business in mind.

Recruitment advertising – Attract the best candidates by having a broad advertising reach, using the UK job board network to recruit in a cost-effective manner and in the quickest possible time.

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