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During the month of July, Lily-Maie joined us on a month long work experience journey, here’s what she had to say;


As a Business Management with Finance student going into my final year, I felt it was important to experience the business world before graduation. Not only to confirm it’s the path I’d like to pursue, but also because generally nowadays, employers deem it vital to possess experience within their field of work before even applying!


My work experience took place at Haines Watts, a Business Advisory and Accountancy firm, based in the Northampton office. Although my degree’s finance focused, I’d been debating whether to pursue a career in Finance or do a ‘180’ and delve into something completely different, such as – Marketing. So, I took a leap and joined the marketing team for a month, to explore my more creative side.


Participating in a month’s work experience, raised a big question for me – how involved would I be with the projects the marketing team were completing? At Haines Watts, I believe, the tasks given to me were beneficial to both the company and to myself. Many of the assignments enabled a strong starting foundation of analysis work on behalf of the team, for them to then explore further. To me, this was a key factor, as the work I was producing actually contributed to the company, and thus, was worthwhile. I was experiencing real-life, real-time projects and tasks, whilst simultaneously ‘not getting in the way’ and preventing them from completing their own work.


One thing I can take away from this, is the opportunity of experiencing a real business environment with numerous different projects and assignments. This is important especially for a university student, as although University does further develop your understanding of the business world, the assignments set are highly theoretical and focuses on you as an individual. However, creating a piece of work – no matter the size, within the working industry, has a knock-on effect on a whole community of people.


Furthermore, and something else to be taken away from this experience is, Haines Watts isn’t your typical firm. Stepping away from the traditional accountancy look, they take a very modern approach which appears to work well for the company’s culture and most importantly, their clients needs. The entire office were extremely welcoming and friendly and although I was only there for a relatively short time, I was treated like any other member of the team – not only by my Marketing ‘colleagues’, but the office as a whole.


I’d highly recommend to any University student – if you don’t do a placement year, at least take some time out of your holidays to complete some form of work experience – it’s value is tremendous! Subsequently, if you’re a finance or marketing student, I’d highly recommend applying for Haines Watts. They’re all so very welcoming, you get a lot out of it and although you’re worked hard, it’s incredibly enjoyable. In summing up, I strongly believe when it comes to work experience, you get out what you put in. Therefore, to make it all worthwhile, you need to be willing to fully commit yourself to the experience.


Chris Dell, Head of Marketing and Communications commented; “It was a real pleasure to have Lily with us recently – she fully embraced the opportunity and took on the tasks we set her with great enthusiasm. In fact, we were so impressed with the brand analysis work she undertook that unbeknown to her, we invited her father into the final presentation where she shared her insights and findings with over 20 colleagues from varying departments and of course her biggest critic (and fan) of all her dad! Top marks young lady…you’re welcome back on the team anytime!”


If you’re looking for work experience, please feel free to get in contact with our Regional HR Advisor, Vicki Watson today, on or 01604 746 760.

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