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When you’re using Xero day to day, it’s easy to slip into habits with your bookkeeping and get used to using the system in a certain way.

When we train people on Xero, one of the areas we focus on is highlighting features and shortcuts that you may not know about, some of which can save you a lot of time!

We’ve pulled together some of our top time saving tips to help you work smarter in Xero.

1.  Get into Xero quicker

To make a Xero Icon on your desktop, go to the Xero login page in your browser and drag the small round Xero icon in the URL or web address bar at the top of the browser out onto your desk top. Now you can click on the browser icon on your desktop to go directly to the Xero login page rather than opening your browser and typing or using a bookmark you may have saved.

2.  Convert to Xero like a pro

Import your Invoices, Bills, and credit notes using an excel .csv file to do this quicker when converting. To open the blank template containing the headings under which you need to enter your invoice or bill details, go to Accounts > Sales or Purchases > Import, then click the Download template file link.

3.  Save time when creating Invoices

If you are sending the same kind of Invoices to different customers, you can save a draft invoice and use this as a template to quickly copy it from one you’ve already created – all fields will populate with the original information you entered. You can edit the invoice or bill as necessary.

4.  Save even more time creating Invoices and Bills

If you have regular bills to pay, or send regular invoices to customers – use Xero’s Repeating Invoices or Bills feature. Set up a template and Xero will automatically create an invoice or bill for you according to the frequency you specify and drop the it on the Draft tab (if you need to vary the amount or something else each time) or the Awaiting Payment tab (if the it is the same every time).

5. A quicker way of saying ‘OK’

Tired of clicking OK all the time for memorised transactions? Use cash coding to reconcile multiple statement lines in seconds. Setting up Bank rules can speed up reconciliation too (only to be used for spend and receive money transactions). You can also use Cash coding to quickly reconcile your bank rules instead of clicking OK.

Putting into practice just one of these tips will save you some precious time and make your bookkeeping even more efficient.

If you think you could benefit from some in-depth Xero training or are thinking about setting up Xero for your business – we’d love to hear from you.

Find out how we help you grow your business. Call on 020 7989 8999 or email

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