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Brexit can be seen as a pivotal point in which to decide whether businesses should look to expand or exit and sell up.

Brexit, as all commentators are suggesting, will provide opportunities for many businesses, but it will also prove to be extremely challenging over the next two or more years.  The outcomes and results for the business environment therefore remain unclear for the time being.

As such, many business owners may be faced with a cross-roads in their business – which route is best?  Should they look to build and improve their business for the future, or should they look to maximise the value of their business and sell up?

We can support businesses with this decision.

For a business to maximise the value of any sale, the owner needs to work through a plan to ensure that they are no longer required to work in the business.  A successful plan to sell a business and maximise its value can take up to two years to put in place, whereas a timescale of 3-6 years is not uncommon in respect of a plan to scale up, expand and improve a business.  With the challenges and opportunities of Brexit looking to take 2-3 years, businesses have to sensibly consider their options.

Expansion and scaling up can mean improvements to support areas of the business including accounts, tax, HR, IT and legal contracts; improvements to operations including staffing, delegation, profits, working capital and cash flow and then addressing the strategy of the business with timescales and funding.

We are able to assist you with your decision making and formulating your strategy with as much input as you require, providing the right level of support and advice to optimise the outcome of either strategy; helping to improve the business for expansion or getting a business ready for sale.

Are you ready to plan your business strategy or exit strategy in a post-Brexit economy?

If you would like to discuss these issues in more detail or chat through the options, please contact Steven Mugglestone on 0116 2762761.

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