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Tax Accountants Leeds

Tax advice for sole traders, SMEs, Limited Companies & LLPs

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Our experienced tax accountants in Leeds provide tax advice and tax services for sole traders, SMEs, Limited Companies, & LLPs across the Yorkshire Region. Our tax advisors specialise in tax advice on opportunities arising from bespoke tax planning, specialist help with tax investigations & corporate tax risk for you and your business.

Personal tax planning

Sole traders and small businesses

Our tax accountants can help you on all areas of tax and advise you on ways to become more tax efficient, saving you a significant amount of money over the longer term. We will also inform you of any changes in tax law that could affect you.


We can complete tax returns, calculate tax liability and advise on timing of payments.

Succession planning

We are trusted tax advisors to businesses owners who need help with one of the most complex business decisions that they will face – putting together a succession plan. This may be simply passing down the family company to the next generation but
in most cases the issues and solutions will be much more complex.

Personal tax planning

Tax planning often requires specialist advice and support to meet requirements and optimise tax position. Our tax team can provide you with year-round advice on all aspects of personal taxation.

Capital gains tax

We will advise you on reducing or delaying payment of capitals gains tax on your shares or property. Based on your needs we provide tailored tax planning and help you pay less tax by utilising tax reliefs such as  Entrepreneurs’ Relief.

Estate planning / Inheritance tax

We offer bespoke tax planning options to enable you to pass on your wealth in the most tax efficient manner. Our advice will incorporate will planning, lifetime
giving, use of reliefs and tax efficient investments. We also have expertise in dealing with trusts and ways to set aside assets for future generations.

Corporate tax planning


SMEs & limited companies

Our team in Leeds brings specialist knowledge and experience to your business when it comes to effective tax planning for SMEs and Limited companies, including the following areas:

Employee benefits.

We can assist you in planning tax-efficient ways to structure a benefits package for employees including salary sacrifice schemes. We also provide advice and implement tax efficient share option schemes, such as EMIs.

Company car tax planning.

We show you the most advantageous way to purchase a new company car making you aware of the tax savings and tax implications that can occur.

VAT advice.

Making sure complex VAT legislation is correctly applied and that you are reclaiming any VAT repayments due to you.

Corporation tax

We ensure you pay the right amount of corporation tax and take advantage of relief schemes such as R&D tax relief to reduce your company’s corporation tax bill. Our tax advisors also optimise the extraction of profits by appropriate timing of
dividends and employee bonuses.

Business tax planning.

Whether you are starting in business for the first time, running an established business or planning a sale or retirement, there are many tax issues to consider.

PAYE health check

Our PAYE specialists make sure your PAYE and NIC affairs are up to date and correct.

Partnership tax planning

Partnerships & LLPs

LLPs do not pay corporation tax and have specialist requirements, which we can assist with. In some cases it might be advantageous for businesses to operate as an LLP for tax planning purposes. We can conduct a full tax review of your business and determine the most efficient tax structure for you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about LLP tax advice or tax planning. If you are a business in Leeds or the Yorkshire region our tax
accountants provide tax advice and other accounting services for sole traders, SMEs, Limited Companies, & LLPs.

For more information call 0113 398 1100 or use our contact form