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R&D tax credits can provide significant savings for businesses, so exploring a potential claim with an experienced R&D tax credit specialists is always worthwhile. There are several benefits of working with R&D tax specialists, including :

Benefits of working with R&D tax credit specialists

100% success rate

Claims that have not been properly prepared and are poorly structured will be looked into and scrutinized by HMRC. If the claim is prepared by an accountant then the chances of an audit are lower.

When making R&D claims, the risk reduction of having a R&D specialist involved is well worth the cost. Our knowledge and diligence in preparing detailed, robust claims ensures our 100%  success rate on claims that we work on, this means you can have confidence in our team’s approach.

Enhancing your claim

R&D tax relief specialists can often increase the size of your claim, through their knowledge of the scheme and of how to correctly argue the claim with HMRC.

Even if you have already made a claim it is advisable to have it reviewed by a specialist to ensure the maximum tax relief has been claimed. 


We have many years of experience in the R&D field. We combine specialist tax expertise with hands-on R&D and product development experience. Our combination of R&D tax expertise and commercial experience helps us to investigate all relevant expenditure.

Time Saving

For rapidly growing companies owner managers need to deal with day to day issues of running a business.

Our team will save time by assisting with identifying tax-allowable R&D expenditure, making calculations, and submitting appropriate claims to HMRC on your behalf.

Contingent fees

We are confident enough to work on a contingent fee arrangement, meaning there is nothing to pay unless the claim is successful. The larger your claim size, the more invaluable R&D specialists are.

Claim R&D tax credits

R&D tax credits claims should not be dealt with in isolation, which is why it is best to deal with an specialist who has a detailed understanding of tax. Companies such as engineers, manufacturers, architects, software developers, digital agencies and even bakers have successfully claimed back refunds under the UK government’s R&D Tax Relief Scheme.  Please contact Matthew Barton on 0113 398 157 or at – our R&D tax credits specialist in Leeds for further information or a no obligation meeting to discuss R&D tax relief opportunities.

R&D claims should not be dealt with in isolation, speak to our R&D tax credit specialist Matthew Barton on 0113 398 157, who has a detailed understanding of tax.

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