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I was pleased to see that SunCare’s inaugural awards ceremony for staff was reported in the Hereford Times. This is such a positive initiative and it deserves recognition.

We have worked with Carole Barnes and her team at SunCare for a number of years and I know that staff motivation is considered key to the businesses success. However, actions speak louder than words and the awards ceremony is an excellent way of demonstrating that commitment by openly acknowledging those who have exceled.

My blog back in June looked at how the economic recovery is generating more movement in the job market and how businesses who are not focussed on motivating and retaining staff risk losing them. It is so much easier to keep good people than to recruit them. Business owners should take a leaf out of SunCare’s book and look at ways they can demonstrate their investment in staff and encourage them to stay long-term and build a future with the business.

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