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At Haines Watts Hereford, our advice blends technical expertise with commercial acumen, enabling our clients to reach their destination with speed and certainty.

Understanding business owners

We feel that the best way to help our business-owner clients in Herefordshire & South Shropshire is to know as much about them as we do about their business. This means looking beyond the numbers and getting under the skin of our clients. What makes them tick? How do they like to work? What keeps them awake at night? Where do they want to be?

The stage our clients are at in their business journey influences both the advice we give them and the way we deliver that advice. Some owners, who feel isolated at the head of their business, want a sounding board to exchange thoughts and ideas. High energy owners, impatient for growth, require a lot of ideas and input. Others are strategic thinkers who value long-term planning and some are risk averse and just seek advice for steady growth.

Business growth

Whatever the motivation and character of the owner, we will ensure that growth is sustainable. Take a look at our Growing Pains vlog for a cautionary tale on over-accelerated or premature growth.

To face the challenges of growing a business, we help clients establish a solid financial footing and develop robust and realistic business plans. We offer considered, pragmatic and flexible advice to weather disruption, achieve goals, save money, accelerate growth and increase value.

Business planning

We know that planning is often put aside as business owners deal with the day to day challenges of running a company. Our vlog takes a light-hearted look at why business owners put off vital pieces of planning but, in our experience, a robust and regularly-reviewed business plan is the key to success.

By setting out your business objectives and communicating these to your senior management team and beyond, everyone has a clear vision of where the company is headed. The trickier part is setting out the road map to achieving these goals and this is where an independent viewpoint can be most valuable.

Take a look at our guide to the key business planning questions to answer and speak to us about moving your business forward.


In addition to receiving an excellent compliance service, we are very pleased with the proactive advice Haines Watts provides. Practical solutions have been suggested, rather than technical summaries, covering a range of specialist areas.

Phil Bufton, Central Roofing & Building Services
To find out how Haines Watts Hereford can help your business, call 01432 273189 or email