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R&D Case Study: Central Roofing & Building Services

Central Roofing is one of the UK’s leading flat roofing contractors, providing a range of specialist solutions across the public, commercial, and industrial sectors. The company’s focus on quality assurance is reflected in accreditations from leading manufacturers, ISO and other recognised industry schemes.

Haines Watts Hereford have provided a wide range of services to support the growth aspirations of Central Roofing in recent years, including the submission of successful claims for R&D tax relief.

R&D Qualifying Activity

Central Roofing’s commitment to technological advancement and innovation has contributed to its continued growth and the retention of its market position. This is reflected in the substantial IT infrastructure re-engineering project the company initiated in 2016 and which was the basis for much of the subsequent R&D claims.

The bespoke development of a number of key software applications sought to automate processes and standardise documentation. The new software has been highly effective in maximising efficiency, reducing the time taken on some processes from hours to minutes.

The company’s quality assurance ethos is evident in many of the other projects included in its R&D claims. Central made extensive bespoke improvements to its internal quality control systems and achieved the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation in 2017. In addition, the company sought to assure integrity in its supply chain through the design, development and implementation of forms and quality standards for all subcontractors.

What this Case Study Demonstrates

The pursuit of quality management standards, be they formal or informal, almost inevitably leads to appreciable improvements in processes which can give rise to an R&D claim.

Bespoking software and overhauling IT systems to improve business practices is common amongst forward-thinking businesses but sometimes overlooked as qualifying activity for R&D claims. A successful claim, as in the case of Central Roofing, can go a long way towards recovering some of the costs associated with software development.

We knew nothing about R&D tax relief until Haines Watts introduced the opportunity for us to make a claim.  My advice would be to contact Haines Watts even if you do not think you’re carrying out R&D. We have benefited in a big way and I am sure other companies could have the same experience.

James Broady Central Roofing & Building Services

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