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Is communication in person a dying art form? Are you noticing more and more that people are becoming less interactive?

Working from home has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Improved connectivity means has made it easier but some of the bigger companies are starting to reverse this trend by insisting that workers come to the office.

Costs may be reduced as a company’s office footprint is smaller and yes, you can argue that some employees will be compelled to work longer hours if they are based at home.  But nothing beats getting everyone together as a team. You can’t top a face to face discussion and nothing incites more enthusiasm, creativity and impact as when people spark off each other’s thoughts and ideas.  My daughter uses an avatar at work to interact with her work colleagues in the Netherlands via an online meeting room.  It’s only because she’s actually visited the office and met everyone that she works as well with them as she does.  Virtual working relationships can otherwise take months if not longer to develop to their full potential.

Of course not everyone’s job lends itself to being office-based, like sales teams, but even if they are spread across the country they’ll get together at regular intervals to share their experiences. Overall I wonder, are we looking at a generation whose only footprint at work will be a digital one?

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