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Accountants Exeter

Accountants and tax advisors in Exeter

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Accountants and tax advisors in Exeter

Already got an accountant?

Most farmers will have an accountant who has been part of the farm for many years (generations sometimes). Haines Watts Exeter can still play a part without treading on anyone’s toes – for example our team of specialist tax advisors can assist on a particular matter which maybe your existing accountant is unable or unwilling to advise on. In that instance we could work alongside your existing accountant on either a one-off or ongoing basis.

We can advise on matters such as:

  • Protecting the Agricultural and Business Property Reliefs of the farm/business – particularly an issue with regard to grass/grazing lets, renewables, holiday lets, DIY livery and retired farm partners
  • Ensuring Capital Gains Tax reliefs are available and maximised – are you looking to sell some assets? Are those assets within a farming partnership or owned personally? Is Entrepreneurs’ Relief going to be available? What other reliefs are available?
  • Reviewing business structures – is your current arrangement as tax efficient as it could be? Could the business be divided into separate trading entities? Does it allow for easy family succession? Is your partnership agreement suitably drawn up?
  • Estate/tax planning – are you looking to retire shortly? Are your Wills up to date? Is Inheritance Tax going to be an issue? Could trusts be used both to mitigate tax and benefit other family members?

What about fees?

The initial meeting is always free with no obligation. If it transpires we cannot help you, then you’ve lost nothing….but you could potentially have a lot to gain.

We always look to offer a fixed and fully-inclusive fee quote prior to commencing any work on your behalf.

For more information call 01392 260310 or use our contact form

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