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Our private client specialists can help you put in place measures that protect your financial future and enable you to keep control over your wealth.

Private client services by Haines Watts Esher

We understand how important it is to maximise and protect your personal wealth.

There are a raft of taxes like inheritance tax, capital gains tax, income tax, and stamp duty land tax that can whittle away your long-term wealth. What’s more, when your wealth is held across a number of assets like shares, property, investments, or tied up in your business – it becomes even more complex to manage.

Our private client specialists in Esher can help you put in place measures that protect your financial future and enable you to keep control over how your wealth is extracted, used, or passed down the generations.

Our private client service involves specialist knowledge and advice across the following key areas:

  • Personal tax compliance
  • Asset protection
  • Trust and estate management
  • Property ownerships and taxes
  • Retirement planning
  • Wills
  • Domicile & residency advice
  • Wealth management & investment

Personal tax advice

Personal tax planning helps you minimise your personal tax burden within the framework of a complex and ever changing UK tax regime. Our personal tax advisors help with:

  • Capital gains tax: advice when you are planning to sell a home, second property, rental properties, assets or rights.
  • Property tax advice: whether you are letting, selling or purchasing property we will examine your position in the round and advise the best structure and strategy for maximising available tax relief.
  • Personal tax compliance: advice to ensure that you are taking advantage of allowances, paying the correct amount of tax and submitting returns to HMRC on time.

Inheritance tax planning

Whether through your own endeavours or an inheritance you may accumulate a range of assets in your lifetime. We’ll help you work out how best to use these to support your current and future needs for income.

Together with our personal wealth and investment advisors we can help you prepare a schedule of your assets and liabilities and conduct scenarios that help you estimate your future lifestyle costs. Our tax experts can then help you plan how reinvest any surplus and review your will to ensure that your wishes are met.

Estate planning services

Every family is different. Some want the next generation to benefit from their hard work while others want them to make their own way in the world – at least for a time. Some want to provide for their children’s education and increasingly many are concerned about elder care. As your wealth increases, so the choices become more complex.

Whether you need to protect your income, secure assets for your family in the future or want to guard against claims because of a failed relationship, we can provide a solution that meets your need.

Trust services

Trusts, historically an effective tool for succession planning, have been subject to substantial changes in recent years, eliminating many of the tax planning benefits. However, they do remain a useful tool in certain circumstances and can help you protect your family’s wealth. We can help you assess if a trust is right for you in context of your wider wealth planning and protection ambitions.


Whether you intend bequeathing your wealth to the next generation or are planning for a business succession writing a Will is imperative. This ensures that your assets can be handed down in keeping with your wishes rather than according to the laws intestacy. Our private client team can advise you and assist in the drafting of your Will.

Family office

Acting as a Trustee is complex and can be particularly challenging if you have no previous experience. We support many clients in this role and can provide assistance with:

  • Trust bookkeeping and accounts
  • Compliance and R185s
  • Inheritance tax advice and reporting, particularly for relevant property trusts

Tax investigations

Worrying about a potential tax investigation can be extremely stressful. Our specialist tax investigations specialists work with you to solve all manner of tax investigations, tax enquiries, disputes and conflicts with HMRC. This experience includes dealing with trusts, PAYE, personal tax, corporate tax, voluntary disclosures and offshore matters. Find out more about our specialist team.

Residence and domicile advice

Your residence and domicile status (if you are leaving the UK or arriving in the UK), can impact the tax you pay in the UK and other jurisdictions. Different rules will apply for  UK nationals living abroad, foreign expats living in the UK and foreign nationals on short-term contracts to the UK and UK employees transferring abroad.

Determining your status is not always straightforward and it can change over time. Making sure you understand your status and obligations is vital to ensure you claim all the allowances to which you are entitled and avoid paying penalties should you fall fowl of the rules.

Our tax experts can give you advice on:

  • Statutory Residence Test (SRT)
  • Coming to and leaving the UK
  • Double taxation claim
  • Double taxation treaties
  • Capital Gains Tax for Non-Residents

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