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FD Solutions – Do you need an outsourced FD?

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Answer these 10 questions to see if you could benefit from some help with your financial strategy.

Do you spend more than a few hours a week on your business’ finances?

Have you missed business opportunities because you didn’t have time to devote to them?

Do numbers excite you?

Can you make quick financial decisions?

If you have excess cash in the business, are you clear on where to invest it?

Do you trust any of your employees to help with the business’ finances?

Can you rely on your numbers to get funding?

Do you know what your cashflow will be like in 6 months’ time?

Are you confident you understand each aspect of your financial data?

Do you know where you make profits and where you make losses?


Why your FD should do more than just look at the numbers and more of our FD content here.

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