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Our outsourced finance director solutions enable you make better informed business decisions that help you drive profitability and build long-term business value.

Outsourced finance director services by Haines Watts Esher

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A spreadsheet can only tell you so much. By understanding your business plan and your ambitions, a finance director can give context to your numbers. We can help you work out how to allocate resources, respond to changing conditions, and drive long-term value with our outsourced finance director service.

We appreciate that not all businesses need a full time Finance Director. That’s the beauty of our flexible approach. We can be there for the long haul or support you in the short term, combining our experience and expertise for routine activities, one-off projects or longer-term strategic initiatives.

Our outsourced finance director solutions focus on helping you improve your finance function and processes. Here are just some of the areas we can help with:

Day-to-day compliance support

  • Budgeting: preparation of annual budgets and cash flow forecasts
  • Budget forecasting: Monthly review and update on budgets and forecasts to help you monitor cash needs
  • Preparation of management accounting reports and translating all figures in a way that makes sense to you
  • VAT Advice & overseeing compliance issues such as VAT, payroll and general taxation compliance
  • Advice and management of cost control

Systems, controls and resources

  • Evaluation of your financial systems and management information, and support to address shortcomings.
  • Design and implementation of remuneration and reward programmes for key staff
  • Recruiting FD or other financial staff

Strategic support for business owners

  • Financial perspective on key business decisions such as investing in new plant, premises, and people and funding requirements
  • Strategic owner support around business growth and development plans
  • Exit planning for business owners including:
    • Support to increase the value of your business
    • Financial modelling and documentation for investors or buyers
  • Attendance at board or management meetings
  • Mentoring a Financial Controller through transition to FD role
  • Managing and supporting your relationship with your bank including provision of information on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Meeting with your bank when required.


Outsourced finance director services

If you’re wrestling with whether or not you need the support of an outsourced Finance Director, why not give us a call – we’d be happy to have a chat about our FD solutions and help you work out what you need now and in the future.


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