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The economic uncertainty we have all been living under these past few weeks has become the new norm – but in order to respond to disruption, UK owners need to take action to increase business resilience.

Dan Morgan highlights some advice for business leaders dealing with this tough economic time.


Taking care of business, means taking care of our teams

First and foremost, taking care of business resilience in this pandemic means taking care of your employees. It is more important than ever that you communicate optimism with your team, keep them safe and support them to avoid having an impact on performance and productivity.

If you have to make difficult choices about retaining staff, think carefully about phasing your approach so you don’t leave your business under resourced in the future.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach and some members of the team will need more flexibility with their hours than others, particularly those juggling childcare with remote working.


Repurpose the production line

Look at whether you can repurpose your products or services, whether to directly support the fight against Covid-19 or indirectly prop up other activity.

Some enterprises are switching from producing alcohol to make hand sanitiser, while others like automotive companies are also looking into whether they can make medical devices such as ventilators.

Not only does this keep operations ticking over but if any of this adaption qualifies for R&D tax relief, it could also take some pressure off your cash flow.


Manage the detail

Spend time looking at the options that may be available to you to mitigate the potential impact of reduced sales and lowered forecasts.

This could include taking advantage of government measures like Time to Pay, chasing in debts, agreeing extra credit terms with suppliers or payment holidays on rent.


Invest in your future

Despite the upheaval, it’s time to rethink business operations and look at the steps you can take. Many companies are rapidly embracing new technologies, reconsidering cash flow and finances and redeploying their resources, so it’s a good time to examine every aspect of the business.

Think about future operations and take steps to position yourself and your business for the long-term.

Whether it’s a new employment model mixing full-time or contract staff, or more flexible pricing and payment options – take time to reflect on the way your business operates and whether new ways of doing things can make your business more adaptable.


Adapt and innovate to grow

Forget about your usual routine. The rule book has changed and it isn’t as clearly defined as it was. Just because your business has always done something in a particular way, doesn’t mean it remains the best way. Look for alternatives that are more flexible.

The hospitality sector for example, has moved away from providing tourist accommodation and is instead providing space for quarantine centres. Retailers meanwhile have moved away from physical stories to offer digital customer services. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.

It might feel like you can’t see beyond the weeks ahead, but you’ll be amazed by the resilience within your team and the business. The economy will only progress and prosper if businesses, which have weathered the storm, choose to look forward and prepare themselves for greater and better things.


To survive the worst times is the foundation to thrive in the best ones. Most of all, we need to stay calm and confident so all of our teams can come back feeling valued.


For help and advice on responding to disruption, get in touch with our team of Surrey Accountants.

Are you unclear on any COVID-19 related issues that your business is facing? Get in touch and we will be happy to assist you

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About the author

Daniel Morgan

Dan joined Haines Watts in 2011. While he works across many sectors, he has a particular expertise and interest in the property, hotel, technology and media sectors and in advising professional service firms. Dan works primarily with owner managed businesses. While he delivers a range of accounting services, he thrives on providing strategic consulting focused on helping owners realise value in and from their businesses. Dan sees one of his core roles as being a sounding board for the business owner; a trusted confidant who can challenge and question but also support the owner.


The most enjoyable part of what I do is working with business owners on their long term plan and future goals. It's so rewarding to be part of creating that strategy and helping them achieve the desired outcome.

If I wasn't doing this I'd be: a pro golfer.

Favourite Sports Team: Manchester United.

Dream Location: Tuscany, drinking red wine.

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