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Did you miss the Tax Return Deadline of Jan 31st 2019?

HMRC to delay issuing penalty notices

This year HMRC will not be sending out reminders until possibly April when you could have incurred much greater penalties than the first £100.

Taxpayers who did not get their 2017/18 tax return in by the deadline of 31 January 2018 are liable to an automatic £100 late filing penalty. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) usually send out the penalty notices for this in February. However, HMRC recently announced the decision to delay issuing these, possibly until as late as 30 April 2019.

HMRC’s reason for the delay is to free up their call centres due to Brexit-related pressures.

The issue of these penalty notices not only prompts those taxpayers who have still yet to submit their 2017/18 tax return but also reminds them of the additional penalties which will be due should the return still be outstanding at 1 May 2019. After this date a daily penalty of £10 a day will be levied for a maximum of 90 days.

These daily penalties can soon rack up and if the notices don’t go out until 30 April 2019, by the time they reach taxpayers, those that have yet to submit will be in these daily penalties.

It is therefore a matter of urgency that anyone who has yet to submit their 2017/18 tax return do so by 30 April at the latest to avoid the daily penalties.

Why have these reminder letter been delayed?

The statement issued by HMRC is as follows:

Issuing Self Assessment penalty notices – timings for this year

“As part of EU Exit contingency planning, we have decided to make a change to the timings for sending notification of Self Assessment penalties. £100 penalty notices are normally issued in February for individuals in Self Assessment who have not filed their online return on time (by 31 January). This creates considerable demand into our call centres and back offices, as customers contact us to consider their options.

This year, we expect an increased demand in our call centres as the UK leaves the EU, so we intend to delay the issue of these notices to ensure we can provide the best service to our customers. This will release those staff for EU Exit related work.

Individuals who filed late will still be charged the penalty; but the notice will be delivered later than normal. We will issue daily penalties to individuals who have still not filed three months after the deadline, in appropriate cases, at the normal time.

The latest date that the notices will go out is the end of April, but they will go out sooner if the Withdrawal Agreement is agreed.”

So if you missed the deadline – don’t leave it any longer. Time is ticking and the penalties will be increasing.

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