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Changes in Paying Self Assessment Tax by Credit Card.

As of December 15th December 2017 you will no longer be able to pay your tax payments at the post office.  From 13th January 2018 you will no longer be able to use a personal credit card to pay. You can still use a debit or corporate credit card.

If you have Self Assessment tax to pay you will not be able to pay on line with a personal Credit Card after 13th January 2018.

This change has been reported to be ‘consumer unfriendly’.  It has been made because HMRC are unable to absorb the cost of the credit card fees, which could mean a charge back to customers, creating a burden for tax payers.

A HMRC spokesman said: “We will no longer be accepting personal credit card payments from the 13 January as new rules mean that we can no longer pass on what our bank charge for processing a credit card payment. It would be unfair to expect other taxpayers to pick up this cost. There are a range of ways for people to pay us depending on the type of tax being paid, including debit cards, Direct Debit, Faster Payment and BACS.” Telegraph Nov 17

Which payments does this affect?

It affects all tax payments you make to HMRC including VAT, PAYE (including CIS) and Self Assessment payments.

So how can you pay?

  • Direct Debit
  • Online or telephone banking (including Faster Payments, Bacs and CHAPS)
  • Debit/Corporate Credit card online or by telephone.
  • Cheque Posted to HMRC (Self Assessment)

You can still post a cheque to pay your Self Assessment bill. You need to go online and print off the slip (click here) and post to HMRC.

More information about paying your Self Assessment bill, PAYE and VAT, including the deadlines your payment must reach HMRC to avoid a penalty can be found on the website here:

To view all the ways to pay your Self Assessment bill please click here.

Be prepared this year. If you know the amount you need to pay and you wanted to pay on a personal credit card – do it before the deadline of 13th January 2018!

If you have any queries or questions regarding paying your bills with HMRC please contact us now.

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