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Increase in National Living and Minimum Wage in April 2018

In April 2018 we will see an increase in the National Minimum and Living wage.

Currently the NLW for those over 25 is £7.50 per hour, for those aged 21 -24 the NMW is currently £7.05, for those 18-20 its £5.60 and under 18’s £4.05. Apprentices minimum wage is £3.50.

From April 2018 the National Living and Minimum Wage will increase as per below:

NLW Over 25                     £7.83
NMW 21-24                       £7.38
NMW 18-20                        £5.90
NMW 16-17                       £4.20
Apprentice                          £3.70


Do you know anything about the Real Living Wage? Its calculated on living costs and is voluntary, many companies have taken up the scheme.  Interested? Find out more by clicking here:

For more information, including who is and who isnt entitled to minimum wage, check out the  HMRC website here.

If you struggle with managing your payroll then give us a call and find out how we can help you.


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