The importance of employee appreciation

01 March 2024

National Employee Appreciation Day

On Friday 1st March it is Employee Appreciation Day. At Haines Watts we will be celebrating this and showing our appreciation to our employees. It is a good day for us to recognise and thank our employees who make everything possible through their hard work, continuous development, and dedication to Haines Watts.

Sometimes it is easy as employers to get caught up in the day-to-day priorities, putting our clients first and the other key business objectives, so having an officially recognised day is a good reminder for us all to take the time to celebrate the people who make everything possible.  

Throughout our regional offices today, we are taking time to say a big THANK YOU to all of our employees. We recognise the importance of our teams and how each individual contributes to the ‘bigger picture’. We know that recognition extends beyond saying thank you and we have plans to improve our employee appreciation strategy going forward.

In recent years, we have already adjusted attraction and retention strategies to remain a desirable workplace within the industry and we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. Employee expectations are forever evolving, and we aim to keep up with these changes. Our biggest focus at the moment is on the training and development of our employees, as well as wellbeing.

The importance of appreciating your employees ensures that both the business and the individuals get the most of their careers. It can improve productivity, give a sense of purpose and belonging and can aid job satisfaction. For a business, positive employee engagement can result in:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Reduced Turnover Costs
  • Reduced Sickness Absence
  • Motivated and Trusted Workforce

Having an improved HR focus within our offices reinforces to the employees that Haines Watts is taking their wellbeing at work seriously, and that employee engagement is being viewed as a vital aspect to improve upon within the business strategy.

This is a reminder that HR and employee engagement focussed improvements don’t have to be grand, they can be as simple as:

  • Implementing a HR system to improve ease of employees tracking their holiday, rewards & benefits and learning & development.
  • Regular newsletters keeping all employees well informed on business updates and people changes.
  • Employee focussed events to improve relationships between colleagues in an informal setting.
  • And much more!

Actions for engagement can be small or big, but either way they are hugely beneficial all round!


Emily Dawe‑Lane​​​​

People Manager