R & D Tax Relief

At Haines Watts, our job as advisors is to work with our clients helping them to make business decisions and enabling them to maximise any eligible reliefs and claims. Reviewing eligibility for Research and Development tax credits is just one way we can help our clients release funds for future investment.

When working with our clients to explore their eligibility for Research and Development Tax credits we often find that the funds that they unlock from within their business in the form of reduced tax liabilities or tax credits form the basis of further investment, often into further qualifying R&D activities creating a cyclical effect that helps fund future development.

Maximising Your Tax Reliefs & Incentives

Research and Development

Research and development tax relief is an incentive available to UK limited companies which encourages investment or innovation. R&D tax credits can reduce a company’s tax liability or, if a company is not in profit, provide a payable cash refund.

R&D tax relief for SMEs can be worth up to 43.7% of a company’s R&D expenditure. Claims can be made retrospectively for any R&D activity carried out in the last two years.

The UK Patent Box

Working hand-in-hand with R&D tax relief, Patent Box enables qualifying companies to claim a lower rate of Corporation Tax on profits attributable to patents. 


Our guide below is packed full of information to walk you through the details of the UK patent box. 

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