Season 2 Episode 9

Owning it. ²

In this episode, Lawson Muncaster is joined by Nici Goldsmith, Director at Haines Watts Midlands Tax Advisory, for a chat about education and ambition, the challenges involved with problem-solving, and the injustice of complexity.

Season 2 Episode 8

Owning it. ²

In this episode, Lawson Muncaster interviews Jess Shanahan, Founder and Director of Jet Social, a content marketing agency.

Why Haines Watts?

At Haines Watts, we offer professional services to people who run their own business, delivered by people who understand them, and share their ambitions, passion and commitment... helping achieve their business goals faster and with fewer missteps.

It's what makes us the business people for people with a business.

Our services

Business Advisory

Being a business owner can be lonely and challenging. Having a business advisor that can act as a sounding board and is there when you need solid business advice is priceless.

Haines Watts’ business improvement advisors offer relevant, commercial and valuable business advice to help you formulate business improvement strategies and achieve your ambitions.


UK and international tax law can be complex, so finding the tax allowances and reliefs available isn’t always easy. We’ve got some of the best tax people in the business to make sure you’re not only compliant, but both you and your company save tax.

Audit & Assurance

Whether you need a statutory audit or you choose to have an audit for other business reasons, you’ll wind up with a far better understanding of your business.

Our auditors review your financial operations, make suggestions about improvements and best practice, and help management in identifying and controlling business risks.

Business Process

It’s hard to scale up a business without tackling this area. Automating and streamlining processes and using the right technology for your sector, stage of growth and complexity can make a real impact on productivity, profit and customer satisfaction.

Our experience in helping business owners to ‘go up through the gears’ will help you find the right balance between internal efficiency and a great customer experience.

Our client stories

Born out of the pandemic, Co-founders Siân and Cal Byerley brought their ambitions to life through the inception of Restaurant Pine, which has been a booming success ever since. The team at Haines Watts has been by the side of Siân and Cal throughout their journey, supporting them with everything from their business plan, cash flow forecasting, and compliance services to exploring tax reliefs.

Our client stories

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